No, wolf spiders are not mythical creatures out of a fantasy novel. Wolf spiders got their name because of their hunting prowess and nocturnal habits. They do have some magical powers, though, including walking on water!

Wolf spiders are found in Hilton Head and throughout South Carolina, especially around bodies of water and in the woods. In fact, there’s a particular species called the Carolina wolf spider.

Around October, they may enter your home in search of warm shelter. If you see them on your property, Island Pest Control can help with wolf spider control methods including both indoor and outdoor pest treatments.

Do Wolf Spiders Hunt for People?

Wolf spiders mostly hunt and kill insects, including some bugs that are larger than they are. They are not known to hunt or attack humans. However, wolf spiders do bite people when they feel threatened. Accidentally sit near a wolf spider or get one in your clothes, and it won’t be happy.

As a venomous spider, wolf spiders can cause real pain and health issues in people or pets. Wash the affected area, watch for worsening symptoms or allergic reactions, and call Hilton Head wolf spider control to get rid of them.

Identifying Wolf Spiders

Up to 3/4-inch long and either solid black or speckled black and brown, it’s easiest to identify wolf spiders by their eyes. There’s a row of four small eyes below two much larger eyes, with another two small eyes on the top of the sides of their head. If a flashlight reflects a glare from the eyes, you may indeed have a wolf spider.

Call the Experts for Carolina Wolf Spider Control

At Island Pest Control, our entomologists and university-trained technicians can help you identify and get rid of the problem with appropriate wolf spider control treatments. Contact us today for a free inspection for pest control in Bluffton, Hilton Head, and the Beaufort County areas!