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No one wants wildlife or insects outside of a home or business. These pets can increase the dangers involved with bites or stings. Not only can an animal such as a raccoon attack, leading to the possibility of contracting rabies, but pests also leave filthy droppings and urine on surfaces used by human beings. It is possible for the wastes’ pathogens to enter the air, leading to diseases such as Hantavirus. In addition, any insects or wildlife lurking outside of a building can enter a building. For these reasons, outdoor pest control is a must. Routine exterior pest control treatments are an important way to keep lawns, decks and porches safe for families and customers.


In our area of South Carolina we have several common household pests including ants, rats, silver fish, earwigs and spiders. No matter how clean you keep your home, pests will find a way in. Pests can not only cause physical damage to your home, they can also spread germs, irritate allergies and generally make the environment in your home uncomfortable.
When you call Island Pest Control our residential pest control specialist will inspect your home for pests, identify conditions that are attracting them, and design a program to quickly eliminate the problem.

Get Rid of Your Ants Before they Swarm


Ants may be tiny, but they pack a punch when it comes to being a dangerous annoyance. These little insects can cause painful bites and stings, especially those of the fire ant variety. Ants can also damage structures by tunneling through wood and other building materials. This can not only weaken your home or business location, but it can also open the door for more harmful pests, like termites, to enter your building. Ants are bad news all around. Some people are allergic to ant bites, and can have very serious reactions that may even be life-threatening. It is crucial that you call the experts at Island Pest Control if you suspect you have an ant problem; as you will want to rid your home of them as soon as possible.

June is Mosquito Season - Keep Your Backyard Mosquito-Free


Fleas are one of the most troublesome and annoying pests; plaguing both you and your pets. Oftentimes, you can tell that you have a flea problem if you see your pet constantly scratching. You can check around your pet’s collar for flea droppings to confirm the presence of fleas. If you are unsure of the presence of fleas, calling the professional exterminators at Island Pest Control can confirm or deny this. It is important to inspect for the presence of fleas as soon as you can, as these pests can carry harmful diseases or cause painful and itchy bites if you come in close contact with them. To make matters worse, a flea’s life cycle can make them an even bigger nuisance. Flea larvae can hatch or lay dormant for up to a year after eggs are laid, meaning even if you think you’ve gotten rid of all the adult fleas around your home, there may still be eggs that haven’t yet hatched. To ensure that you are completely free of fleas, call Island Pest Control for our outdoor pest control treatments.


Ticks are a small variety of arachnid that can transmit diseases while ingesting blood from hosts, including humans, farm animals or family pets. Huge populations of ticks thrive in humid climates where there are numerous hosts and are more likely to live in rural areas. The most common disease transmitted to humans is Lyme disease that causes chronic symptoms and is difficult to treat. However, there are other rarer diseases that are contracted from tick bites, including:

• Rocky Mountain spotted fever
• Heartland virus
• Meningoencephaliis
• Relapsing fever
• Babesiosis

Exterminators can apply pesticide sprays to a building’s exterior, lawns and outbuildings to repel and eliminate several species of ticks.

Wolf Spiders Can Pack a Nasty Bite for You and Your Pets


There are several species of spiders in South Carolina that have venomous bites that cause serious health conditions or death. Outdoor pest control is a way to prevent these bites from happening. The most natural place for spiders to live is outside buildings where the arachnids can spin webs to catch other insects for food. Someone walking outside can receive a bite from one of these types of spiders:

• Brown widow spider
• Carolina wolf spider
• Black widow spider

A bite from one of these spiders leads to a trip to a hospital’s emergency room for treatment. An exterminator can help clients understand what is attracting spiders to the exterior of a building or its lawns. Piles of firewood, certain species of trees or fences made of wood can attract various types of spiders, and an application of organic pesticides can eliminate and repel these arachnids.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases Found in Hilton Head, South Carolina


Mosquitoes also consume a host’s blood and can transmit infections during the process. Some of the diseases transmitted include:

• West Nile virus
• Yellow fever
• Malaria

Exterior pest control treatments are necessary to destroy the eggs and larvae of the mosquitoes that are usually on pools of water such as ponds or streams but are also located in old tires and other containers outside. An exterminator can determine where mosquitoes are breeding before applying manufactured or organic pesticides.

Do Armadillos Hibernate in South Carolina in the Winter?


There are certain types of animals that people do not want living near the exterior of a home, including skunks and bats. Skunks create a horrible odor when residing near a home or business, and the scent attracts more of the animals. Bats are a mammal that often carries the rabies virus that leads to death when transmitted, and this animal also leaves smelly waste underneath its living and breeding site. In South Carolina, there are regulations concerning the protection of wildlife, and to remove these animals, an exterminator must have a permit. Island Pest Control possesses that permit, and we will assist you with all of your outdoor pest control needs.