During the warmer parts of the year, it’s not unusual to see large, brown bugs crawling around outside. This bug, known as the South Carolina palmetto bug, is really a type of cockroach. Learn more about palmetto bugs, including how they behave and what to do if you have them on your property.

Palmetto Bug Appearance

Palmetto bugs are large bugs with a glossy brownish or mahogany coloring. In fact, this coloring is also why they’re sometimes called the smokybrown. These bugs have a similar look to their cockroach cousins, such as the American cockroach. However, American cockroaches are usually a darker coloring. Palmetto bugs can easily startle homeowners in the Hilton Head area thanks to their size.

South Carolina Palmetto Bug Behavior

The good news is that these bugs don’t usually try to get inside homes. They prefer to remain outside and hide in wood piles or other hidden areas. When you do see a South Carolina palmetto bug inside your home, it means that this bug has lost its way while wandering around in search of food.

While the sight of them inside your home can be alarming, you’re more likely to find them outside. Keep in mind that they do have wings, so you might see them flying around your property. Both males and females have wings, although males have longer ones.

Palmetto Bug Habitat

Palmetto bugs get their name for their tendency to be found among palmetto trees. They prefer hiding out in the fronds and other parts of these trees. These bugs, which are also called water bugs, are commonly found close to the water, such as around piers. They come out at night and look for food using their ability to see clearly in the dark. In fact, these bugs have over 2,000 lenses in their eyes that provide them with excellent night vision.

Problems with Palmetto Bugs

Are palmetto bugs dangerous? These bugs don’t bite, and they can’t sting you. However, cockroaches in general can spread harmful germs when they scurry around inside homes. Their droppings can also irritate those with allergies or asthma, leading to respiratory issues. Since they move fast, it can be hard to catch them if you do find them in your home. This can make them challenging to deal with in order to stop an infestation from getting worse.

If you have these bugs inside your home, you should let professional pest control experts provide you with South Carolina palmetto bug control. This ensures that these pests are removed from your home and lowers the risk of having more enter.

Palmetto Bug Control

How can you keep palmetto bugs from becoming a problem in your home? Reducing the chance of having them on your property at all is among the most effective ways to do this. You can do this by removing piles of leaves, wood or other materials from your yard. If you need to keep a wood pile around, make sure that it isn’t anywhere near the exterior of your home.

You can also discourage these pests by keeping your yard free of litter and ensuring that garbage cans are tightly sealed, which will also help keep other insect pests, as well as rodents and wildlife, out of your yard. Sealing up entry points for these bugs, such as cracks in exterior walls or gaps around doors and windows, can also stop them from getting inside. You should check for these entry points from time to time and seal them up when needed.

If you have a palmetto bug problem in your Hilton Head home, please contact Island Pest Control for help. Our licensed and trained technicians know how to deal with these bugs and eliminate them from your property. Find out more about our South Carolina palmetto bug control services.