Rodent Removal Hilton Head SC

Are you looking for rodent removal in the
Hilton Head area?

Do you need rodent removal in the Hilton Head area? Our wildlife experts will take care of your rats, mice, squirrels, or other rodent problems. We will trap and remove all rodents in your home or on your property and seal off their entry points to prevent them from returning. We are the only company in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and Beaufort who guarantees our work for the lifetime of the materials used – not just the “one year guarantee” offered by others.

It’s no secret that a rodent infestation can be devastating to the value of a home or a business, but it can present serious health hazards as well. The CDC lists eleven diseases directly transmitted by rodents. Not only do you NOT want these critters in your home, but you definitely don’t want what they can bring in with them.


First, The Inspection

We’ll start with a thorough, free pest inspection of your homebuilding or property. We search your attic, garage, roof and crawlspace to identify the rodents’ entry points and the determine which type of rodent that has moved in. This is an important step in deciding exactly which rodent removal or control procedure must be taken. During this time, we’ll also identify any areas that may attract rodents to your home, from your roof to your crawlspace – all entry points will be found. Based on our assessment, we will develop and implement a rodent exclusion plan that addresses your home’s unique situation.

Next, Rodent Exclusion and Rodent Proofing Your Home or Business

The next step to get rid of rats, mice, squirrels, or other rodents is to seal off all entry points. Our experts locate every entry point through which they are gaining access to your home or business and close it for good. Whether it is a chewed hole, a dryer vent or a building imperfection, we will find it and repair it for you.

Understanding that rodents are sneaky and great contortionists is how we find all of their entry points. Our 35+ years of experience has taught us never to underestimate just how cunning a rodent can be. Standard rules say a rodent fits into a quarter size hole or ½ inch hole. Experience has told us rodents don’t care what size the hole is — after all, they can always make it bigger.

Standard rules are for standard companies. We are not your standard company; we go above and beyond to solve your problems. We don’t simply offer a “one year guarantee” like the rest. You needed to get rid of unwanted rodents, you paid for the work to be done, and so we guarantee our work for the lifetime of the materials used.

Next, Rodent Exclusion and Rodent Proofing Your Home or Business

Island Pest Control will then trap all rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents living inside your home or business and remove them once caught. Rodent trapping isn’t simply setting down traps anywhere. Positioning of mouse and rat traps is vital for the success of winning this battle. Being sure traps are set in the rodent’s path and in the direction of travel, as well as identifying the direction of their path of travel, is important and often only identifiable by a trained technician. We’ll also return after your rodent proofing is done to monitor for rodent activity and to remove traps once all rodents are gone.

So if you need to get rid of rats, mice, squirrels or other rodents in to your home or business, contact Island Pest Control today. We’ll get them out and keep them out, guaranteed. Proudly serving Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and Beaufort since 1979.

At Island Pest Control we provide rodent proofing and wildlife control services to rid your residential and commercial property of these pests. Our wildlife control team can live-catch the problem while securing your property to prevent their return.