Mice and other rodents are extremely agile, clever, and highly destructive. Many house fires occur each year due to rodents chewing through wiring. House mice and rats carry diseases like hantavirus and will destroy personal belongings and other items with their constant gnawing.

Mice contaminate surfaces and food with their urine and droppings, so call Island Pest Control to remove destructive rodents and prevent further infestations. See how we’re different than other Hilton Head pest control companies. These tips will help you avoid unknowingly harboring rodents on your property.

Problems begin outside

It is easy to unknowingly provide harborage to rodents. They are adept at avoiding people. Mice are typically active from just after sunset to about a half hour before sunrise. They will travel up to 300 feet from their nest each night in search of food and will find harborage in ivy and other ground covers.

An untidy garage or outbuilding provides them shelter and protection from predators. They will breed and reproduce year-round and soon make their way into your living area.

The smell of garbage attracts rodents. Use only rodent-proof trash containers and make sure the lids are always closed with no access points. Young mice can fit in openings of about 1/4″ and mature mice can squeeze through openings as small as 1/2″.

Inspect your yard for any old items that could harbor mice. Keep tree limbs trimmed back at least four feet from your roof, eaves, and any utility wires. Roof rats and squirrels will enter and nest in the upper areas of buildings.

Most people do not spend much time thinking about rodents and other pests. But Island Pest Control technicians have all taken an 18-month training from Purdue University on pest control technology. Most of our technicians are more educated and specialized than those at other Hilton Head pest control companies. Contact us today for a free 58 point pest inspection.