When you have insect pests in your home, it’s not just your food or wooden structures that you need to worry about. Some insects are notorious for causing damage to different kinds of fabrics, such as upholstered furniture and clothing. Knowing which pests to watch for in your SC home can help ensure that you keep fabric safe from harm. Keep in mind that the top South Carolina pest control company Island Pest Control, can help you get rid of any fabric pest infestations you might have.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are among the most common types of fabric pests that cause problems for homeowners in SC. The varied carpet beetle and black carpet beetle are just two of the species that can get inside homes and feed on fabrics. Varied carpet beetles have mottled coloring that typically includes white, black and yellow, while black carpet beetles have black coloring. These bugs feed on different types of materials, including carpeting, wool, leather and silk.

The most effective way to prevent damage to these materials is by storing them in chests or other containers that carpet beetles can’t get into as easily. To protect carpeting, vacuum at least once a week, which helps remove any beetles that are around.


Crickets are usually known more for the noise they cause when they get inside homes rather than damage they do to fabrics. However, these bugs can end up accidentally ruining clothes if they have stains or laundry starch on them, which attracts them. Crickets might chew through fabric or leave stains behind from their excrement.

Removing potential food and water sources helps lower the risk of needing help from South Carolina pest control companies for cricket infestations. You should also seal up any cracks that they get through, such as those near doors and windows.

Silverfish and Firebrats

Silverfish and firebrats are also common fabric pests that invade SC homes. These bugs have thin, elongated bodies that can be silver or gray in color, depending on their species. Silverfish and firebrats feed on starch found in clothing, as well as rayon, linen and paper.

You can reduce the risk of having these bugs in your home by getting rid of moisture problems, such as leaks or high humidity, and keeping potential fabric food sources clean. Sealing up tiny openings that these bugs can get in through also helps lower the risk of having an infestation.

Case-making Clothes Moths

Clothes moths are among the most common fabric pests that South Carolina pest control companies deal with. One of these species, the case-making clothes moth, has a silvery-brownish coloring with darker spots on the wings. Case-making clothes moths can ruin upholstered furniture, clothing and other household items made with wool or felt.

Keeping these materials clean and storing woolen items helps protect these fabrics from damage. Cedar blocks or chests can also be used to keep these bugs at bay, but you should avoid using mothballs, which contain toxic materials.

Webbing Clothes Moths

Webbing clothes moths have a yellowish-gold coloring with no markings or spots on their wings. These types of moths can cause damage to upholstered furniture, wool items, carpets, clothing and items made from fur. Webbing clothes moth larvae can be hard to find on clothing or other items, since they are kept in silk tubes that are usually well hidden.

You can lower your risk of having these moths in your home by closing up gaps or cracks they can get through. You can also protect items from damage by storing them away in cedar chests or by placing cedar blocks in closets or drawers.

When You Need Help, Island Pest Control is There

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