While SC is home to many types of ants, most of which aren’t a direct threat to humans, fire ants are a different story. The SC Department of Health wants property owners to be aware of the dangers these pests present and take steps to prevent them.

Invasive Species

Fire ants aren’t native to SC. They’ve been in the U.S. ever since they were imported to Alabama. From there, these ants have spread to SC and other parts of the country. Fire ants can be found in all of SC’s counties, so it’s hard to avoid them no matter where you live.

They’re mainly found outside in mounds, but some have managed to enter buildings. If you see any of these on your property, it’s important to rely on a Bluffton SC fire ant exterminator for help.

Fire Ant Stings

Fire ants are a direct threat to humans due to their stings. These ants attack with a vengeance when people disturb their mounds. Fire ants tend to attack in large numbers, which makes their stings that much worse.

If you’ve been stung by these pests, you’re likely to develop bumps that burn and itch at first. The sites then form blisters and white pustules about a day or so afterwards. If you scratch fire ant stings, you can end up getting secondary infections that could be serious. In some cases, people have had life-threatening allergic reactions to fire ant stings.

Fire Ant Prevention

If you have fire ants on your property, take precautions when you’re outdoors. We recommend not wearing flip flops or open-toed shoes. You should also get help from a Bluffton SC fire ant exterminator as soon as possible.

If you need a Bluffton SC fire ant exterminator, please contact Island Pest Control. Our experts can eliminate these pests from your property, so you don’t have to deal with painful stings.