When you see a mouse in your home, how concerned should you be about more of them being around? While the sight of one mouse might only alarm you a little, you should keep in mind that one mouse around usually means that there are many others nearby. Learn more about mouse infestations and when to get in touch with a Hilton Head mouse exterminator.

Ways That Mice Get Inside

How do mice end up being inside your home?

While some mice build nests and burrows outdoors, others find out that being near people means easier access to food and water, and gives them a warm and safe place to make their nests. Taking up residence inside homes also helps keep mice away from predators as compared to being outdoors.

Mice have many ways to get into homes. They can sneak in through open doors and windows or squeeze through tiny gaps and other openings, such as cracks in your home’s foundation or tears in window screens. Mice can also gain access through your roof or chimney.

What Mice Do Inside Homes

When mice get into homes, they’re not quick to leave. In fact, you’ll end up needing a Hilton Head mouse exterminator to evict them. These critters find a hidden place to live, such as inside walls or in attics, and set up a nest there. Over time, they reproduce and create a much bigger infestation inside your home.

During the day, they tend to stay safely hidden. However, at night they come out from their nest or hiding place and sneak around looking for water and food.

Risks of Mice in Homes

How much damage can mice do?

One mouse might not cause much of a problem. However, a larger mouse population can be a different story. Having a lot of mice in your home raises the risk of serious damage as these pests chew through drywall, wood and other structures. They can also chew on wiring, which results in a higher risk of fires in your home.

When mice invade your kitchen or pantry, they can put your food at risk by contaminating it. Keep in mind that these rodents are able to chew their way through most packaging.

Mice don’t just cause damage to homes.They can also carry diseases that put you and your family at risk. These diseases can be spread through mouse droppings, mouse urine and bites or scratches from these rodents. It’s important to have a Hilton Head mouse exterminator come to your SC home to get rid of them before they can cause any trouble.

Mouse Control in SC

What should you do if you have mice in your home?

Setting out traps on your own might catch a couple, but you’re unlikely to get rid of the entire population. Pest control experts know how to locate the nest and use the right approaches to thoroughly eliminate a mouse problem. This can provide you with peace of mind and significantly lower your risk of having to deal with mice in your home again.

Keep in mind that there are things you can do to reduce your chance of having a mouse problem. Sweep or vacuum crumbs on the floor, keep counters and stove tops clean, and keep food tightly sealed. Emptying your garbage into an outdoor trash can also help discourage these pests from thriving in your home.

You should also check for and seal up any openings you find that mice can use as entry points, such as gaps around windows, cracks in your home’s exterior, or even bathroom exhaust vents.

If you have mice in your SC home, contact Island Pest Control for help. We can send a Hilton Head mouse exterminator to your home to safely eliminate these pests.