You’ve probably heard of black widow spiders and the problems they can cause with their bites, but what about the brown widow? South Carolina is home to the brown widow spider, which is closely related to the black widow. Learn more about this spider species.

Identifying the Brown Widow

Unlike the black widow, brown widow spiders have a grayish or brown coloring. They do have the same hourglass shape on their abdomen, although the brown widow’s is orange or yellow rather than bright red. Brown widows also have black and white markings on the top of their abdomens.

Brown Widow Habitats

Where are you most likely to find brown widow spiders in or around your SC home? These spiders tend to stay in out-of-the-way places where they won’t be disturbed, such as under the eaves of roofs and firewood piles. However, some can be found under chairs on your porch or in your yard, so be careful when sitting down.

Brown Widow Behavior

Brown widows can bite just as black widows can, and their bites are just as venomous. However, brown widows aren’t as aggressive as black widows, so they’re less likely to bite in general. You should use caution when putting on clothes or shoes, though, just in case a brown widow is hiding inside.

Keeping Brown Widows Away

Hilton Head pest control companies can help you keep brown widows from getting into your home. Removing eggs sacs or webbing promptly with a vacuum can help eliminate these pests quickly. Sealing cracks also lowers the risk of having them get inside. For stronger pest control measures, it’s best to leave it to a professional.

If you have a problem with brown widow spiders or any other spider species, please contact Island Pest Control. As one of the leading Hilton Head pest control companies, our pest experts can eliminate spiders from your SC home.