The cotton mouse is a pest that isn’t found everywhere in the United States. However, it can be found in South Carolina. It is a bothersome pest that can make its way inside your home. Before you call a Hilton Head mouse exterminator, let’s go over a few things you may want to know about the cotton mouse.

What is a Cotton Mouse?

Most people are familiar with the ordinary house mice and rats that they may find in their homes. Cotton mice are a little different, though. The adults can grow to a little over seven inches long. They’re similar to the white-footed mouse in appearance, but their skulls are larger. Also, they have white feet and white bellies.

Where do You Find Cotton Mice?

The cotton mouse actually prefers to live outside. They are burrowers, which means they like to seek out tree cavities, stump holes, and places underground to make their homes. This allows them to stay tucked away from their predators, and any other dangers that may come their way.

Cotton mice seem to prefer lower temperatures and humidity, which means you may come across them making their nests in your home if they find their way inside.

Do You Need a Hilton Head Mouse Exterminator for Cotton Mice?

Cotton mice breed prolifically, which means their populations can increase quickly. New babies are able to breed once they are two months old, and litters usually have about seven young. A Hilton Head mouse exterminator gives you the best chance of getting rid of cotton mice in your home, or on your property.

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