You only want to entrust your home to the best South Carolina pest control companies when you have a termite problem. Here at Island Pest Control, we now have many different extermination options available to our valued customers. It’s our goal to ensure that your termite problem is taken care of quickly to minimize the amount of damage that’s done to your home.

The Dawn of Termite Control

It wasn’t until after World War II that termite control became possible. In those days, a chemical called Chlordane was the go-to method of choice. Chlordane was extremely effective, but it’s environmental qualities left something to be desired. Eventually, Chlordane use was discontinued in 1988.

Other treatment methods were tried, but they failed. This left many homeowners in need of a solution that was both environmentally friendly and effective. This need paved the way for the termite treatment measures we know today.

Today’s Termite Control and Elimination Methods

Today, the best South Carolina pest control companies use a method called baiting. This method is effective because it treats some of the most common termites known to our area – the Subterranean Termites. These pests live underground, just as their name suggests. They come to the surface to feed on wood, cardboard, paper and other products. A single colony of these termites can grow to 5 million in number.

In order to treat these termites effectively, it is necessary to treat the soil around the property. With regular treatments, Subterranean Termites can be eliminated.

For homeowners, working with a South Carolina termite exterminator who understands these pests is vital. It will keep these pests away from their properties and greatly reduce the risk of extensive damage being done.

At Island Pest Control, we take the time to get to know your property and what it needs. We offer a free 58-point pest inspection, so nothing goes unnoticed or uncared for. Contact us today.