Rats and mice can cause a number of problems for Hilton Head homeowners and business owners. They destroy property with their gnawing and chewing, they spread disease, and they infest food supplies. When you have a rodent problem, our SC pest control services can help.

Mice Control
Mice and rat control Hilton head Island

Rodent Inspections in Hilton Head

Island Pest Control has rodent removal experts available to ensure that these critters are safely removed from your property. Our experts have many years of experience dealing with these pests and know which methods are most effective.

Our rodent removal services begin with an inspection of your home or property, which we do for free. Since it can be hard to find out where these rodents are coming from, we check as many places as possible, including crawlspaces, attics and garages. With more than 35 years of experience in rodent removal, we know how to discover all of their hiding places.

Rodent Proofing

When our experts have noted all of the entry points that rats or mice are using to get into your home or business, we seal them up to keep more from getting in. This involves closing up even tiny holes and gaps that rodents can squeeze through. After making it tough for rodents to enter your home or business, we move on to trapping and removing them.

Rodent Removal

Our experts set traps in specific locations in order to catch rats, mice and other rodents. They’re carefully placed in areas where rodents are most likely to be. When we catch these rodents, we’ll remove them from your home or business. We’ll also remove the traps when all of the rodents are gone.

If you have rats or mice around, it’s time to contact Island Pest Control. We provide reliable SC pest control services that eliminate rodents and bugs from homes and businesses in the Hilton Head area.