Spiders on Hilton Head Island Pest Control

Brown Widow Spider Infestation at Hilton Head Island Business. Island Pest Control came to the rescue!

Your mailbox… a perfect nesting spot for these poisonous spiders. Island Pest Control stopped this brown widow infestation at a Hilton Head Island business today. Brown widows are an invasive specie that is quickly muscling out it’s cousin, the black widow. Notice the spiked egg sac. Brown widows are the only spiders with spiked egg sacks and each egg sac contains approximately 250 eggs! There were 6 sacs under this mailbox alone! Extreme caution should be taken when treating the egg sacs. The spiderlings hatch after 14 to 21 days but remain inside the sac for 4 days to 1 month. Stepping on the egg sac can cause hundreds of baby brown widows to come scurrying out mad! The brown widow spider has an orange hour glass on it’s abdomen.
If you find yourself dealing with these spiders, call Island Pest Control for a free inspection and fast treatment to keep your family safe!