South Carolina pest control companies commonly deal with bats, which can ghost in through broken windows, loose boards, bricks, and siding, and squeeze in through slim gaps in ridge caps, vents, eaves and fascia as little as 3/8 inch large. What begins as the minor annoyance of a few bats can rapidly progress to a problem of prolific proportions.

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Bat Problems May Begin Small – But They Can Rapidly Progress
In small numbers, bats aren’t too big of a deal. However bats can live up to 30 years, and once they decide on a dwelling, their offspring will remain in that place essentially forever – thousands of years, conditions permitting – with each baby joining the colony permanently on premises after arrival. And as the colony grows, so do your problems.

Creepy experiences
Hilton Head pest control professionals often receive complaints of squeaking and rustling from the attic, chimneys, and walls, with occasionally shocking appearances in living areas.

Structural damage
Okatie pest control visits have unearthed damage from bats chewing into structure, walls, insulation, and wiring.

Horrible odors
The strong, unpleasant odor of droppings, or ‘guano,’ permeate homes, increasing in intensity with accumulation. Bluffton pest control experts also hear of homeowners suffering for days after the creepy critters die within the walls or attic.

Bat poop has the potential to carry the histoplasmosis, a microscopic, airborne fungus that can penetrate living areas possibly resulting in lung infections. Left untreated, it can spread to other organs, potentially becoming fatal.

Another serious threat from bats, though rare, is the possibility of a bat bite transmitting rabies to inhabitants.

South Carolina pest control companies advise addressing bat issues ASAP, before the colony – and issues – grow. Luckily, Island Pest Control is in-the-know on the ins-and-outs of Beaufort County pest control laws, and can quickly and humanely help you eliminate bats, preventing their return with necessary structural repair. Contact us for a free 58-point inspection and estimate today.