Squirrels Are Cute Until They Move Into Your Attic!
Squirrels Are Cute Until They Move Into Your Attic!

Animated squirrels like Bullwinkle’s pal Rocky may be funny and adorable, but the flesh-and-blood ones are a different story. A squirrel taking up residence in your home can spread disease and cause serious structural damage. Here are some tips from our Hilton Head Island pest control experts for dealing with these furry interlopers.

Preparing for the Eviction

• Protect your pets by placing them outside or in a contained area such as a crate or closed-off room.

• A female squirrel may be nesting with her babies, which can cause her to be aggressive. Search at least a 20-foot radius around the area, approaching carefully so you don’t appear to pose a threat.

• Stay calm and collected, no matter how scared you may be. The squirrel is just as frightened, and erratic behavior on your part could provoke an attack.

Getting the Squirrel to Leave

• Funnel the squirrel toward a wide-open door or window by closing off other possible exits.

• Close all drawers, cabinets and other tempting hiding spots. Make sure all food is placed securely out of reach.

• Squirrels often lurk in attics, crawlspaces and other confined areas. Banging on walls or speaking in a loud voice can draw them out.

• If you need to use a trap, choose a humane style that won’t injure the squirrel.

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