Summertime is usually when you’ll encounter some mosquitoes, but this season’s weather could mean you’ll be dealing with millions of them. Weather conditions have made it possible for these pests to increase their populations, so you might have a higher chance of needing Hilton Head mosquito control service.

Weather Conditions and Mosquitoes

Weather that’s been wetter and warmer than usual provides mosquitoes in the Hilton Head area with plenty of opportunities to reproduce. Mosquitoes need moist environments in order for their eggs to hatch. Experts are warning that mosquito activity is up to three times higher this year all along the eastern coast. This means there’s a higher risk of having a mosquito infestation in your yard. If these bugs are around, you can expect their population to be higher than normal, resulting in an increased risk of bites.

Mosquito Reproduction

How are mosquitoes able to increase their numbers so much this year? Mosquitoes need sources of standing water, such as puddles, to lay their eggs. Wet weather has made this easy for them to find all over the area. Once these eggs are laid, they hatch in about two weeks. With increased humidity and heat this summer, these larvae are able to mature at a more rapid rate. When they’re grown, they’re able to begin reproducing. Overall, this can lead to a huge boost in mosquito populations.

Mosquito Season in SC

How long will the mosquito season last in SC this year? With current weather conditions, experts are expecting mosquitoes to remain active into autumn, especially if hot, humid days stick around. A longer mosquito season also means more time for these bugs to reproduce and put you at risk of being bitten up when you go outside.

Mosquitoes and Disease

You might think that the only thing you have to worry about with mosquitoes is their itchy bites. However, you should be aware that certain mosquitoes are able to spread West Nile virus and other diseases, such as the Zika virus and Chikungunya virus. Warmer weather and a longer mosquito season give mosquitoes more opportunities to feed. This increases their risk of picking up these viruses and passing them onto people when they bite.

While some of these diseases do not cause noticeable symptoms, some people can end up having severe symptoms and complications, such as those with weakened immune systems.

Dealing with SC Mosquitoes 

What should you do if you have a mosquito problem on your property? Hilton Head mosquito control service can help you get this problem under control. Eliminating mosquitoes completely on your property can be difficult to attempt on your own. Professional pest control technicians know which areas to treat and how to ensure that mosquitoes are gone from your property. This helps lower your risk of having these pests come back and cause more problems for you.

Preventing Mosquito Infestations

With mosquito activity being higher this summer, it’s important to take steps toward preventing infestations on your property. Hilton Head mosquito control service can help you keep these pests at bay. Having your property treated can prevent mosquitoes from reproducing, which helps keep their numbers down. You can have this done on a regular basis throughout mosquito season to give you lower your risk of mosquito bites.

Getting rid of standing water in bird baths, pet water dishes, downspouts, gutters and other areas also helps you discourage these pests from sticking around your property.

When you’re outside, you can reduce your risk of being bitten by covering your arms and legs. Using a mosquito repellent also keeps these pests from biting you.

If you need Hilton Head mosquito control service, please contact Island Pest Control today. Our technicians can eliminate mosquitoes from your yard to keep you safe from diseases.