Fourteen Bat Species Make Their Home in South Carolina – What to Know

What Bats Make South Carolina Their Home?

Bats can be a frightening sight for SC residents, especially if they fly anywhere near you. However, these mammals can be beneficial to have around, since they eat certain pests that ruin crops and damage trees. While bats provide natural pest control outdoors, you don’t want them to take up residence in your home. Learn […]

Bat Populations Recovering from White-Nose Syndrome

Hilton Head Area Bat Removal Services

Bats can sometimes be seen flying around when it’s dark out in the Beaufort County area and in other parts of SC. However, their populations have been hit in recent years by a fungal disease known as white-nose syndrome. Fortunately for these animals, they’re expected to make a comeback after being devastated by this disease. […]

What Happens to Bats in the Winter in South Carolina?

Bats can sometimes be seen gliding around parts of SC at night when it’s warm out, but where do they go in winter? While you’re unlikely to see these flying mammals around when it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean they’re not in the area. Our Hilton Head area bat control experts have some helpful information […]

Bats 101: What Diseases Do Bats Carry?

Facts About Bats

Bats have very little desire to attack you, drink blood, or turn you into a vampire. However, these flying rodent-like creatures carry a shocking amount of germs and viruses—on their bodies, in their saliva, and in their droppings. In fact, bats may carry more than 60 diseases that can be spread to humans. Since bats […]