What to Know about Carpenter Ants that Appear in the Spring

Carpenter Ants Live in Destructive Colonies

When ants become a nuisance in homes, it’s usually due to them getting into food in the kitchen or pantry. However, one species of ant causes trouble in a very different way. Carpenter ants are more like termites in terms of the problems they cause for SC homeowners. Learn more about these ants, and don’t […]

Make Way for Carpenter Ants – Another Wood Destroying Insect in South Carolina

Termites aren’t the only types of insects that cause damage to homes in SC. Carpenter ants can also do a considerable amount of damage that leads to costly repairs. Find out as much as possible about these bugs, so you can get Hilton Head carpenter ant treatment if needed. Identifying Carpenter Ants Carpenter ants are […]

Termites Aren’t the Only Insect that Destroy Wood – Meet the Carpenter Ant

Termites are known for causing a lot of damage to wood in homes, but they’re not the only ones that can do so. Carpenter ants can also destroy wooden beams and other structures in homes, leading to expensive repairs and potentially unsafe living conditions. Homeowners who have these pests need prompt assistance from a reliable […]