What South Carolina Homeowners Should Know About Flying Squirrels

What South Carolina Homeowners Should Know About Flying Squirrels

While many squirrels in the Hilton Head area tend to climb trees and scurry around looking for food, you might notice some gliding through the air. Flying squirrels are found in SC, and these mammals can end up causing trouble on your property. Find out more about these critters, including what they look like and […]

Flying Squirrels Plague Hilton Head and Bluffton Attics

Flying squirrels might seem like cute and harmless critters, but they can end up being a nuisance when they’re in your attic. These rodents don’t actually fly. Instead, they glide from tree to tree while searching for food and avoiding predators. Learn more about these squirrels, and keep in mind that you might need reliable Hilton Head squirrel removal services if they invade your home.

Flying Squirrels: What You Need to Know About These Attic Intruders

Flying squirrels may sound like an animal act you’d see at a circus, but these outdoor pests sometimes find their way into your home. Here are some of the distinguishing features of these intruders and why they make unpleasant housemates. Physical Characteristics Despite their name, flying squirrels don’t have wings and they don’t technically fly. […]