South Carolina is Home for Formosan Termites – What to Know

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Having Formosan termites in your home or on your property can lead to severe damage in less than a year. These termites can eat through wood without detection, and their colonies can number in the millions. You’ll need professional Hilton Head termite treatment promptly if you have a Formosan termite problem. You can also have […]

Formosan Subterranean Termites Behavior and Identification

Protect Your Home from Termites Call Island Pest Control

Termites in general can do quite a bit of damage to homes in the SC area, but Formosan termites are worse than usual. These invasive termites have large colonies that can cause significant damage in a shorter amount of time. Find out more about these insects, so you’ll know when to get help from a […]

The Formosan Termite’s Life Cycle

t’s vitally important to contact your Hilton Head termite exterminators if you even suspect you have a problem with termites. As a home owner, these pests are one of your worst enemies, and it helps to know a little bit about them. The Formosan Subterranean Termite is one of the most common types of termites. One colony can contain several million termites, and they are capable of burrowing up to 300 feet into the ground.