Cooler Weather Drives All Types of Cockroaches Inside

Get the Island Pest Control Exterminator Team on Your Problem

As cooler weather moves into the Hilton Head area, you might be relieved to know that many pests tend to disappear. Unfortunately, cockroaches aren’t among them. In fact, cooler temperatures could bring these pests closer to you in your home or business. Find out why you might be needing Hilton Head pest control services this […]

Cockroach 101: How Many Cockroach Species Are There?

No one wants to learn they have a cockroach problem in their home or business. Unfortunately, this is a problem that can go undetected for quite some time. When they are found, it only gets worse. Please know that a Hilton Head cockroach exterminator is here to help you if you have an infestation in […]

Cockroach 101: Cockroaches and Health Problems

Clemson University Categorizes Cockroaches as Both Major and Minor Pests

Cockroaches are the pests everyone loves to hate. As your Hilton Head roach control specialists, we see these critters all the time. They’re difficult to spot in your kitchen, and they’re even harder to kill without a professional’s help. Still, they are some pretty fascinating creatures. Cockroach Facts You Probably Didn’t Know There’s so much […]