South Carolina Department of Health Steps of Mosquito Education

Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Fleas Carry Diseases in South Carolina

Mosquitoes are common in SC, especially during the summer months. In addition to the itchiness their bites can cause, these pests can put you at risk for certain diseases, which makes Hilton Head mosquito control services so important. The South Carolina Department of Health offers the following information and tips on mosquito prevention to help lower […]

Mosquito-Borne Diseases Found in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Mosquito-Borne Diseases Found in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Mosquitoes are a common summer nuisance in the Hilton Head area. While their itchy bites can be unpleasant, these pests can pose a greater risk to residents. Some mosquitoes carry diseases that they can spread to people and pets when they bite. Keep the following in mind, and consider having Hilton Head mosquito treatments done […]

The Mosquito Life Cycle – Know the Facts Before Spring

Know the Facts About Mosquitoes Before Spring

When the temperatures start to rise in spring, it’s tempting to spend more time outdoors in your yard. Your outdoor fun can quickly be ruined if you end up with a mosquito problem. Springtime is normally when these pests come out of hibernation and get to work laying eggs and feeding. Learn more about the […]

Mosquitoes Are Still Out Until Our First Frost

Mosquitoes Appear in March

As the summer months wind down and fall and winter approach, you might think you’re in the clear when it comes to mosquitoes. However, these pests are still active in the Hilton Head area until at least the first frost of the season. Learn more about why mosquitoes are still around and why you might […]

Mosquitoes – Now Considered Dangerous Backyard Pests

Mosquito-Borne Diseases Found in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Mosquitoes used to be known mainly as nuisances that cause itchy bites. These days, more and more is known about these pests, leading them to be considered dangerous pests. Mosquitoes in SC are able to transmit an alarming number of infectious diseases, making Hilton Head mosquito treatment services essential for homeowners. Learn more about the […]