National Pest Management Says Watch Out for These 5 Wet Weather Insect Pests

Seeing Just One Mouse in Your House Usually Means There Are Many More

The 2017 hurricane season appears to be the most active in history. Since 1988 there have been 90 hurricanes that formed. That averages out to about three each year. By October of 2017, there were already five major storms that made landfall in U.S. coastal communities. Hilton Head residents know how to prepare for hurricanes. […]

Ant 101: What’s Ant Colony Budding?

What to Know About the Kissing Bug

Ant budding is a bit like opening up a new franchise location instead of creating a new business. Basically, a team of worker ants escorts the pregnant queen to a new site. When her brood starts growing, the colony already has those mature workers. It’s a “bud” of a colony rather than starting from scratch. […]