Rodents – A Hilton Head Winter Nightmare for Homeowners

Seeing Just One Mouse in Your House Usually Means There Are Many More

When the weather gets colder in the Hilton Head area in winter, some types of rodents start to look for a place that offers warmth and shelter. In some cases, this can mean that you end up sharing your home with common SC rodents, such as mice or rats. Find out more about these pests, […]

Common Pests That Become Problems After Flooding Events

When hurricanes, tropical storms and heavy rains move through the coastal SC area, there’s a good chance that flooding will occur. In addition to severe damage to homes and businesses, flooding can cause certain pests to become even more of a problem than usual. These are some of the most common pests you might end […]

Asian Lady Beetles or Lady Bugs Can Infest Homes in the Fall

Asian Lady Beetled or Lady Bugs Can Infest Homes In The Fall

When the temperatures cool off in fall, Asian lady beetles or lady bugs can become a problem for homeowners in the Hilton Head area. Some of these colorful bugs decide to head indoors in search of a warmer place to stay during winter. Find out more about this behavior and when you should get help […]

October Pests for South Carolina – Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders Can Pack a Nasty Bite for You and Your Pets

No, wolf spiders are not mythical creatures out of a fantasy novel. Wolf spiders got their name because of their hunting prowess and nocturnal habits. They do have some magical powers, though, including walking on water! Wolf spiders are found in Hilton Head and throughout South Carolina, especially around bodies of water and in the […]

Can Centipedes Bite or Sting?

Centipedes: Interesting Facts for South Carolina Homeowners

Centipedes are insects that look really interesting, and they’re often found in South Carolina. As your Hilton Head centipede exterminator, we feel it’s important for you to be informed if you come across one of them. You need to know if they bite or sting, or if they might potentially be dangerous for you or […]