They’re Back! Stink Bugs Start Trying to Move Indoors

Fall Is Stink Bug Season - What to Know

One bothersome insect that arrives with the cooler weather of fall is the stink bug. The brown marmorated stink bug is a real pest, and when the weather gets colder, they look for shelter. For some of them, your home might seem to be the perfect place to wait out the colder months. Not to […]

Camel Crickets: the Jumping Crazy Bug That Loves Moisture

Do South Carolina Camel Crickets Bite?

If you’ve spotted a strange looking insect around your home, you’re probably searching for a Hilton Head exterminator. A common bug that pesters many South Carolina residents is the camel cricket. The mere sight of this insect can be pretty alarming. What is a Camel Cricket? The adult camel cricket can be 1/2 and inch […]

Spring Brings Bats Indoors Damaging Property Attics

South Carolina pest control companies commonly deal with bats, which can ghost in through broken windows, loose boards, bricks, and siding, and squeeze in through slim gaps in ridge caps, vents, eaves and fascia as little as 3/8 inch large. What begins as the minor annoyance of a few bats can rapidly progress to a […]

Bat Bug or Bed Bug, What Do I Have? Here’s some ID Tips

Bed bugs have been a growing problem in many parts of the U.S. in recent years. While bat bugs haven’t been in the news as much as bed bugs, they’re another nuisance that SC homeowners should be aware of. How do you know if you need a bat bug or bed bug exterminator? Here’s some […]