Interesting Facts About Stinging Insects in South Carolina

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The summer months and early fall are when you’re most likely to need Hilton Head wasp and bee abatement. While these bugs can be annoying or even dangerous for those with allergies, they’re also fascinating insects. Find out some interesting facts about bees and wasps that you might not have known. Killer Bees Do you need […]

What to Know About Mud Dauber Wasps in South Carolina

Are You Prepared For Overwintering Pests? How To Prevent An Invasion Of Insects In Your Home

When you see wasps flying around your SC home, they could be mud daubers. The name mud dauber does not refer to one specific type of wasp. Instead, the name refers to different species of wasps that build nests out of mud. Since mud daubers are found in the Hilton Head area, it’s important to know […]

South Carolina’s Top Seasonal Summer Insect Pests

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The hotter weather in summer means that more and more pests are active, which can make summer a headache for homeowners in the Hilton Head area. In some cases, South Carolina pest control services are needed to keep these pests from creating larger infestations. Learn more about the most common kinds of summertime pests that […]

Do Bees and Wasps Hibernate in the Winter?

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Bees and wasps conjure up an image of a lazy summer day in Hilton Head, with muted buzzing in the background as they pass from flower to flower or swarm around their nests. But what happens during winter? Do bees and wasps follow their insect brethren and scurry for cover? While many people use the […]