Do South Carolina Camel Crickets Bite?

Do South Carolina Camel Crickets Bite?

If you come across camel crickets on the exterior or in the interior of your home, you’re likely to be taken aback. Fortunately, there isn’t much for you to worry about since they’re mostly just a nuisance insect. However, that doesn’t mean you want them hanging around your home. Hilton Head pest control companies frequently […]

Keep the Palmetto Bugs at Bay with These Tips

Clemson University Categorizes Cockroaches as Both Major and Minor Pests

Palmetto bugs are a common sight in the Hilton Head area. These large bugs can spread germs and contaminate food in your home, so it’s important to prevent them from coming around. If you want to reduce your risk of needing a SC palmetto bug exterminator, keep the following tips in mind. Eliminate Entry Points […]

Long Eared Bats Arrive in Beaufort County, South Carolina

Beaufort County pest control experts are in for a new breed of SC bat control issues. A species, never before seen in coastal South Carolina, has arrived on the scene. They’re about as tiny as a ruby-throated hummingbird at around 3 inches long, but with a far-different, gremlin-like profile. The northern long-eared bat has been […]

German Cockroach Infestations Require Professional Help

German cockroaches are a common sight in many parts of the Hilton Head area. These bugs are highly adept at getting into residences and finding out where they can get food and water, which keeps them coming back. Having German cockroach treatment services done is crucial in order to eliminate these bugs and prevent them from returning.

More on the Topic: Fire Ants to Hate – There Are Two Types of Fire Ants

If you find fire ants in your home, it’s certainly a time to panic. These insects can be such pests, and when they sting they can cause a lot of pain. If you’re in need of a fire ant exterminator, don’t hesitate to contact Island Pest Control right away. First, let’s learn a little bit more about fire ants.