Mice in Your House: More Than a Nuisance, They Carry Diseases

Seeing Just One Mouse in Your House Usually Means There Are Many More

Mice may seem cute and cuddly when they’re in a high school biology classroom, or even somewhat heroic when they serve as subjects for medical research. The truth is that mice running around as Beaufort County SC winter pests are far more likely to carry diseases than cure them. Don’t let these small but dangerous […]

South Carolina Rodents – Highlighting the Cotton Mouse

The cotton mouse is a pest that isn’t found everywhere in the United States. However, it can be found in South Carolina. It is a bothersome pest that can make its way inside your home. Before you call a Hilton Head mouse exterminator, let’s go over a few things you may want to know about […]

Charleston College Deals with Campus Rodent Infestation

Rats: A Winter Problem for Hilton Head, SC Property Managers

Rodent infestations can be difficult to deal with as the College of Charleston recently learned first hand. Earlier in the year, a rodent infestation caused parts of the campus to be shut down for “maintenance.” However, the rodent issue was not disclosed to students right away. As your local SC rodent exterminator, we feel it’s […]

Hilton Head Mouse Infestations: There is Never Just One Mouse!

Seeing or hearing one mouse in your home can be worrying, but realizing that there are bound to be more of them around can be downright disturbing. Having an expert Hilton Head mouse exterminator help you out can ensure that your home is free of all mice. The following information will help you understand more […]

What Diseases Do Rats and Mice Carry?

Rats and mice may be common cartoon characters, but in real life they’re no laughing matter. These rodents are carriers of several diseases causing serious illnesses that can even lead to death. Here are some of the more common diseases transmitted by rodents, either directly or indirectly. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) • HPS is a […]