South Carolina Department of Health Steps of Mosquito Education

Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Fleas Carry Diseases in South Carolina

Mosquitoes are common in SC, especially during the summer months. In addition to the itchiness their bites can cause, these pests can put you at risk for certain diseases, which makes Hilton Head mosquito control services so important. The South Carolina Department of Health offers the following information and tips on mosquito prevention to help lower […]

Mosquitoes Are Still Out Until Our First Frost

Mosquitoes Appear in March

As the summer months wind down and fall and winter approach, you might think you’re in the clear when it comes to mosquitoes. However, these pests are still active in the Hilton Head area until at least the first frost of the season. Learn more about why mosquitoes are still around and why you might […]

What is the Keystone Virus and How Do I Protect Myself from Infection

Mosquitoes Appear in March

Mosquitoes have made the news in recent years thanks to the spread of the Zika virus and chikungunya virus in parts of the U.S. While these diseases can cause serious problems, they’re not the only ones. Scientists recently found a confirmed case of Keystone virus in a human for the first time. Find out more […]

June is Mosquito Season – Keep Your Backyard Mosquito-Free (June)

Mosquitoes Appear in March

Summer weather means that you and your family are probably going to be spending more time outdoors. Whether you have a pool in your yard or enjoy sitting out in the cool of the evening, mosquitoes can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. Since some of these pests can carry disease, it’s important to […]

What Happens to Mosquitoes in the Winter in South Carolina?

What to Know About Brown Recluse Spider Bites

It’s hard to enjoy the outdoors during summer when mosquitoes are out and about. These insects thrive in warmer temperatures, but does that mean that they die out once cold weather hits SC? Unfortunately, some mosquitoes are able to survive the winter months and increase their populations when spring arrives. Learn more about how these […]