Interesting Facts About the Bats Found in South Carolina

Facts About Bats

On warm summer nights, you might see a bat or two flying around outside. While you might think of these critters as pests, they do a lot of good in this area. Bats keep insect populations down, including mosquito populations. However, bats can become a nuisance if they decide to make their home in your […]

Did You Know Armadillos Can Transmit Leprosy to Humans? How About Other Diseases?

Armadillos Top the List of South Carolina Nuisance Wildlife - What to Know

If you’ve spotted an armadillo walking through your backyard at night or seen one crossing the highway, you were probably caught off-guard. Usually associated with Texas, Mexico, and Central America, these hard-shelled mammals have made their way across the southern states in recent decades. Lately, more people have been calling their Hilton Head exterminator after […]