When Hiking, Being Cognizant of Ticks Can Prevent Lyme Disease

Be Aware of Disease Carrying Ticks When Hiking

If you enjoy going for hikes in warm weather, it’s important to know as much as possible about ticks. These small pests can end up ruining your hike with their bites. Learning more about ticks can help you lower your risk of getting Lyme disease or other illnesses from these pests. Keep in mind that […]

Asian Lady Beetles or Lady Bugs Can Infest Homes in the Fall

Asian Lady Beetled or Lady Bugs Can Infest Homes In The Fall

When the temperatures cool off in fall, Asian lady beetles or lady bugs can become a problem for homeowners in the Hilton Head area. Some of these colorful bugs decide to head indoors in search of a warmer place to stay during winter. Find out more about this behavior and when you should get help […]