Asian Lady Beetles or Lady Bugs Can Infest Homes in the Fall

Asian Lady Beetled or Lady Bugs Can Infest Homes In The Fall

When the temperatures cool off in fall, Asian lady beetles or lady bugs can become a problem for homeowners in the Hilton Head area. Some of these colorful bugs decide to head indoors in search of a warmer place to stay during winter. Find out more about this behavior and when you should get help […]

November’s Problem Insect Pests for South Carolina Part Two

Are You Prepared For Overwintering Pests? How To Prevent An Invasion Of Insects In Your Home

Now that you’re familiar with some of the common types of insect pests that are found in SC during fall, it’s time to learn how to prevent infestations. There are several things you can do in and around your home to keep fall pests from causing problems. Keep in mind that Beaufort County pest control […]

November’s Problem Insect Pests for South Carolina Part One

What Pests Should I Expect This Spring?

With the weather cooling off in SC, you might notice an increase in certain kinds of insect pests both indoors and outdoors. In fact, South Carolina pest control companies have plenty to do this time of year thanks to these bugs. Learn more about some common fall pests that cause problems in SC. Stink Bugs […]

South Carolina is Home to Dangerous Scorpions

Of all the pests in South Carolina, most people would agree that scorpions are among the scariest. Scorpions look ferocious, and discovering them in your home can be terrifying. However, they’re not quite as scary as people make them out to be. Still, you’d rather they not be residing where you live. Learning about them, […]