Fourteen Bat Species Make Their Homes in South Carolina – What to Know Part One

Facts About Bats

In some parts of SC, bats can be a common sight. These flying mammals play an important role in keeping populations of mosquitoes and other harmful nocturnal insect species low by feeding on them. However, bats that get inside homes and businesses can end up causing problems. Learn more about some of the bat species […]

Bat Populations Recovering from White-Nose Syndrome

Hilton Head Area Bat Removal Services

Bats can sometimes be seen flying around when it’s dark out in the Beaufort County area and in other parts of SC. However, their populations have been hit in recent years by a fungal disease known as white-nose syndrome. Fortunately for these animals, they’re expected to make a comeback after being devastated by this disease. […]

What Happens to Bats in the Winter in South Carolina?

Bats can sometimes be seen gliding around parts of SC at night when it’s warm out, but where do they go in winter? While you’re unlikely to see these flying mammals around when it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean they’re not in the area. Our Hilton Head area bat control experts have some helpful information […]

Everything You Need to Know About South Carolina Bats

Bats in SC are normally found outdoors, but some can make their way inside and end up building nests. When bats get into homes, they can form large colonies, which creates health and noise problems. Bats that are inside should be eliminated with Hilton Head bat removal services. Find out more about these critters. Signs […]