Be on the Watch for These Early Spring South Carolina Pests

What Pests Should I Expect This Spring?

As the weather starts to slowly warm up in spring and the sun shines more, some pests will begin making their presence known on your SC property. Which springtime pests should you be keeping an eye out for? You might need Hilton Head area pest control if you see any of the following common spring […]

Drywood Termites Are a Serious Problem for South Carolina Residents

Termites are generally known for building colonies underground, but not all species do this. In fact, drywood termites make their colonies inside wood. You won’t find this type of termite in the ground or soil at all. Find out more about these pests, so you can look into Hilton Head drywood termite treatment if you […]

Two Types of Subterranean Termites are Prevalent in South Carolina

Termites that live in the ground, also known as subterranean termites, aren’t generally a problem when they stay outdoors. However, they can cause major problems for homeowners in SC when they make their way indoors and take up residence. Find out more about the two different kinds of subterranean termites found in SC, and keep […]