Reasons Why Spiders are Making Your Home Their Home

Spider with Egg Sac

While spiders provide a few benefits, such as feeding on bugs, they can become a problem if you have a lot of them. When do you need Hilton Head area pest control in your home for spiders? Learn more about why spiders might choose your home for their webs. Why Spiders Invade Homes Although there […]

October Pests for South Carolina – Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders Can Pack a Nasty Bite for You and Your Pets

No, wolf spiders are not mythical creatures out of a fantasy novel. Wolf spiders got their name because of their hunting prowess and nocturnal habits. They do have some magical powers, though, including walking on water! Wolf spiders are found in Hilton Head and throughout South Carolina, especially around bodies of water and in the […]

South Carolina is Home to the Brown Widow Spider

Are You Prepared For Overwintering Pests? How To Prevent An Invasion Of Insects In Your Home

You’ve probably heard of black widow spiders and the problems they can cause with their bites, but what about the brown widow? South Carolina is home to the brown widow spider, which is closely related to the black widow. Learn more about this spider species. Identifying the Brown Widow Unlike the black widow, brown widow […]

Highlighting South Carolina’s Cellar Spiders

Highlighting South Carolina's Cellar Spiders

SC is home to many species of spiders, including cellar spiders. These spiders get their name from the damp, dark locations they’re usually found in, such as basements, cellars and crawl spaces. If you have these spiders around, you might end up needing help from a Beaufort County spider exterminator to eliminate them. What Do […]

SC is Home to Four Venomous Spiders – What You Need to Know

Highlighting South Carolina's Cellar Spiders

Most people detest spiders as some are just downright dangerous. However, they can be helpful at keeping the bug population under control. There are more than 600 different species of spiders that live in North and South Carolina, but there are only four that you need to be concerned with. If you come across any […]