Hilton Head Residents are In for a Surprise this Summer

How to Deal with Removing Stinkbugs

The polar vortex that occurred in the Midwest this past winter was said to have wiped out most stink bugs. This would be a big benefit to homeowners in many parts of the U.S. where these invasive pests have been found. However, the claim that most of these bugs died from the extreme cold turned […]

What Are the Diseases the Mosquitoes Transmit? – What to Know for April

Island Pest Control is the Mosquito Control Expert

Mosquitoes will be out and about soon, which means you and your family could end up with mosquito bites. Although these bites can seem like a minor nuisance, they could increase your risk of getting sick. Mosquitoes can carry certain diseases that they transmit through their bites. Hilton Head mosquito services are an important part […]