Termite Swarmers – What Residents in South Carolina Need to Know

South Carolina is Home for Formosan Termites - What to Know

The spring months are when some termites take to the air for a brief time. Although termites can be a problem for homeowners anytime during the year, spring offers a good time to watch for more obvious signs of these pests. When might you need to call Hilton Head area exterminators for termites? Here’s what […]

South Carolina Has Three Types of Early Spring Termites – What to Know

Termite Control

When temperatures get warmer, termite activity tends to increase. These bugs spend the warmer part of the year expanding their colony, which means that they can cause more damage to homes as they feed on wood. SC homeowners should learn more about a few of the most common termite species that Hilton Head area pest control […]

Two Types of Subterranean Termites are Prevalent in South Carolina

Termites that live in the ground, also known as subterranean termites, aren’t generally a problem when they stay outdoors. However, they can cause major problems for homeowners in SC when they make their way indoors and take up residence. Find out more about the two different kinds of subterranean termites found in SC, and keep […]

Second Only to Termites Wood Boring Beetles are a Serious South Carolina Pest

When it comes to wood damage, termites aren’t alone. Wood boring beetles are also known to cause problems for SC homeowners. Learn more about the different types of these bugs that are found in SC, so you can identify them and get Hilton Head wood boring beetle treatment right away. Anobiid Powderpost Beetles Anobiid beetles, […]

USDA Recommends a Proactive Integrative Approach to Termite Treatment in South Carolina

Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare, and they cause a great deal of damage. In fact, according to the USDA, the Formosan termite causes about $1 billion worth of damage every year in repairs, property damages and termite control treatment. It can be difficult to spot these termites before significant damage has been done, which is why Bluffton, SC termite treatment is so important. Even so, being proactive about treating your home can significantly reduce the risk of an infestation.