Palmetto Bugs Can Bite and Spread Disease

Palmetto Bugs Can Bite and Spread Disease

Seeing palmetto bugs on your property is bad enough, but did you know that these pests can bite and even spread disease? Palmetto bugs, which are actually American cockroaches, are also known as waterbugs. Find out more about the kinds of problems these pests can cause and when you should get cockroach control services for […]

Palmetto Bugs: Big Cockroaches with the “Eww” Factor

Palmetto Bugs: Big Cockroaches with the "Eww" Factor

The palmetto bug is definitely one of the most hated bugs in South Carolina. You’re undoubtedly familiar with this bug, but you might know it as the cockroach. These pests are really good at keeping themselves hidden, so you might not even know you have them for months until you find one in your home. […]

Keep the Palmetto Bugs at Bay with These Tips

Clemson University Categorizes Cockroaches as Both Major and Minor Pests

Palmetto bugs are a common sight in the Hilton Head area. These large bugs can spread germs and contaminate food in your home, so it’s important to prevent them from coming around. If you want to reduce your risk of needing a SC palmetto bug exterminator, keep the following tips in mind. Eliminate Entry Points […]

Potatoe/Potato – Cockroach/Palmetto Bug – You Decide

Roach Hilton head

When you see large, flat dark brown or black bugs around, do you call them cockroaches or palmetto bugs? It’s common to hear these pests referred to with both names in the Hilton Head area. Which name is the correct one to use for these bugs? You can actually use either one when you’re talking […]