Rodents – A Hilton Head Winter Nightmare for Homeowners

Seeing Just One Mouse in Your House Usually Means There Are Many More

When the weather gets colder in the Hilton Head area in winter, some types of rodents start to look for a place that offers warmth and shelter. In some cases, this can mean that you end up sharing your home with common SC rodents, such as mice or rats. Find out more about these pests, […]

Do Bedbugs Hibernate in the Winter in South Carolina?

What to Know About the Kissing Bug

Bed bugs can be a problem for SC homeowners at anytime during the year, but they’re less likely to be active during winter. However, SC’s warmer winters compared to northern states means that it’s still possible to see these pests out and about during this time of year. Our Hilton Head pest control experts have […]

What Happens to Bats in the Winter in South Carolina?

Bats can sometimes be seen gliding around parts of SC at night when it’s warm out, but where do they go in winter? While you’re unlikely to see these flying mammals around when it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean they’re not in the area. Our Hilton Head area bat control experts have some helpful information […]

What Happens to Mosquitoes in the Winter in South Carolina?

What to Know About Brown Recluse Spider Bites

It’s hard to enjoy the outdoors during summer when mosquitoes are out and about. These insects thrive in warmer temperatures, but does that mean that they die out once cold weather hits SC? Unfortunately, some mosquitoes are able to survive the winter months and increase their populations when spring arrives. Learn more about how these […]

What’s the Prediction for Pest Problems this Winter

People and their four-legged pets might become less active during the cold weather months, but Hilton Head pest control is usually a year-round requirement. What animal and insect intruders should you be on the alert for this winter? How Insects Trigger the Food Chain Mosquitoes are usually considered to be exclusively a summer problem, but […]