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Termite Exterminator Services on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and Beaufort


At Island Pest Control, we fight the never ending battle against termites. It is a year round conflict here in coastal South Carolina, as the climate is just perfect for hungry termites. They chew up the wood in Lowcountry homes and businesses, leaving a lot of expensive damage behind for property owners to clean up.

Termites damage more homes in the United States each year than floods, fires, tornados and hurricanes combined!  But with regular termite treatments and inspections by a professional pest control company, this damage could be prevented. A professional, certified termite exterminator company could recognize the signs of termites before they have the chance to do real damage, literally eating you out of house and home!

You don’t want to put off termite prevention and care. If you do, it will cost you more than a little heartache – it will cost you money to repair the damage caused by their voracious appetites.

We have two types of termites that are commonly found here in coastal South Carolina.

  1. Subterranean Termites (including the formosan)- These termites live below the surface of the soil and only come above ground to feed on wood, paper, cardboard and other cellulose products. These are the most common termites found in the United States. They feed on the structural wood in buildings, wooden fixtures, paper, books and cotton. A mature colony can range from 20,000 to as many as 5 million termites!
  2. Drywood Termites – These termites do not need to live below ground.  They may be found living in walls, attic, roof, or even furniture! They can be transported in wooden materials and start new infestations anywhere without a property owner even knowing.

Termite control is a serious matter because, if left undetected or untreated, they can do massive damage to a structure resulting in major repairs, and in some cases, homes have to be demolished and rebuilt from the ground up. Here at Island Pest Control, we believe in termite prevention. Having an effective soil treatment and providing regular inspections is the key to keeping termites out of and away from your home or office. We offer annual inspections for termites in South Carolina to keep property safe from these hungry pests. We can get rid of them from your home or business, and then keep them away for life. We take pride in our customer service, so much so that we guarantee your happiness with our termite exterminator service!

Controlling termites is not a job for amateurs. It takes special equipment and specific chemical products to do the job correctly. It also takes a highly trained eye of a professional termite exterminator to spot the signs of early termite presence. It takes even more know-how to get them out of a structure once they have moTermites exterminatorved in and set up shop. Once they do, they multiply – and fast. Once a colony is well established, termite queens will lay as many as 1,000 eggs a day. And since those queens have the longest lifespan of any insect in the world (with some queens living up to 50 years!) those new termites can add up very quickly.

If you think you have termites on your property in Hilton Head, Beaufort, or Bluffton, South Carolina, ask about our FREE termite inspection today. We’ll come out to your property and inspect for termites, and let you know if you have something to be concerned about.

When you have a problem with termites or any other pest – or just a question about pest control in general – call a professional termite exterminator at Island Pest Control today and find out how we can help rid your property of termites! Here’s to living pest free.


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