Prevent Termites in Your New ConstructionTermite Soil Treatment

Insects can be present in the soil from the very first moment of construction. These pests can find their way into the small crevices of the structure as it’s being built and set up house, creating the need for additional pest control services for the property owner in the future. Termite soil treatment before construction can help to eliminate insect intrusions into construction materials and reduce overall home maintenance costs.

New Construction Susceptibility to Infestation

Insects can infest a new home if preventative measures aren’t taken at the beginning of the building cycle. Excavation of a building site can break up existing colonies of insects, which will immediately begin looking for new places to build their homes. The raw lumber used for framing and concrete forms offers a good food supply for insect pests, and they will be attracted to these areas as potential nesting sites. Treatment of the soil as construction begins will eliminate existing pests and deter others from taking advantage of the supply of food offered by the exposed wood and other building materials.

The following are insect species that like to invade new constructions:

· Termites

· Carpenter ants

· Argentine ants

· Wood wasps

· Plaster beetles

· Cockroaches

· Silverfish

· Odorous house ants

· Rat mites

Termite Soil Treatment Compounds

Currently, a number of  termite soil treatments for pest control are available for properties that are under construction. The primary concern is termite infestation, which, if left uncontrolled, can cause thousands of dollars in damage to new constructions. Termiticide chemicals are used to eliminate these destructive insects while new buildings are in progress. Termites can live in a variety of climates, but they thrive in the warm, humid regions of the southern United States. These climatic conditions also encourage the proliferation of various types of ants that can infest homes, creating a nuisance for housekeeping, in addition to being a health hazard. A variety of insecticides are used to control ant species that can cause damage to new construction. State and local codes may regulate which chemical can be used, but our experienced pest control professionals will know exactly the right treatment necessary for your pest problem. Borates are sometimes used on construction material surfaces to eliminate these pests when soil treatment is impractical.

To soil treat a site of new construction, generally, a trench is dug adjacent to both sides of the foundation walls, and the soil is soaked with pesticide. The soil is then replaced into the trench, carefully mixing it with the diluted pesticide. In some cases, use of liquid pesticide is discouraged, such as near wells or other environmentally sensitive areas. In these cases, bait may be used. These do not provide immediate elimination of pests, instead, they work over an extended period of time. The pesticide bait is placed in stations that are deposited into the soil around the perimeter of the structure’s exterior. For homes with slab construction, the best method is to apply the treatment to the soil before the slab is poured. However, if the slab is already in place, pesticides can still be applied by drilling holes in the slab, applying the pesticide, and then holes are then re-filled.

Timing of Pest Control Soil Treatment Methods

Careful coordination between Island Pest Control and the builder is needed to ensure that the chemicals can be applied to appropriate areas near foundation walls and inside piers. Termite soil treatment of construction areas is an effective method for preventing property damage from insects and can ensure that the new owner will not have to deal with expensive extermination costs for the new home.


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