The spring months are when some termites take to the air for a brief time. Although termites can be a problem for homeowners anytime during the year, spring offers a good time to watch for more obvious signs of these pests. When might you need to call Hilton Head area exterminators for termites? Here’s what you should know about these bugs and their swarming behavior.

Identifying Termite Types in SC

There are a couple of different kinds of termites that are found in the Hilton Head area. These include eastern subterranean termites and formosan termites. Eastern subterranean termites have black coloring, while formosan termites have a brownish-orange coloring. In terms of size, eastern subterranean termites are smaller than formosan termites.

Problems with Termites in SC

Both types of termites that are found in SC can cause major problems for homeowners. These termites live in the ground, with some colony members traveling back and forth to feed. Termites have a cellulose diet, which means they consider many sources of wood to be food. This includes wooden walls and floors, as well as tree stumps and outdoor wooden structures, such as porch railings and sheds.

Termites tend to remain in areas where they are not easily spotted. This means that they can feed on wood for years without homeowners noticing until more severe damage occurs. In serious cases, this can result in structural damage that leaves homes uninhabitable until the infestation is gone and the damage is repaired.

Even in less serious cases, termites can cause expensive damage to homes. This is why it’s so important for homeowners to have Hilton Head area exterminators inspect their homes for these pests.

Termite Swarming Behavior

Termites might be notoriously difficult to find, but spring presents a chance to catch these pests. During spring, winged termites engage in swarming behavior, which is when they leave to mate and form new colonies. Depending on the type of termite, these bugs might gather in the evening or at night to do this.

You might be able to see termites swarming if you have them on your property. Even if you don’t catch them while they’re swarming, you might still find evidence that they are around.

Winged termites shed their wings not long after taking flight. You might find piles of these wings on the ground outside doors and windows. If these bugs are inside, you might find these wings near window sills or near doors. Keep in mind that termites tend to swarm near light sources, which is why it’s common to find wings close to windows and doors.

Other Signs of Termites

There are other signs to look for to see if you might have termites in your home or on your SC property. You might find mud or dirt tubes that are connected to your home’s foundation or exterior. Termites build and use these tubes for safe pathways between your home and their underground colony.

Finding signs of weakened wood in your home, such as a wall that sounds hollow, can also indicate a termite problem. You should have Hilton Head area exterminators check your home for termites if you find any signs of them.

Termite Prevention

What should you do to prevent termites? Keeping firewood, soil and landscaping away from your home’s exterior can help. Having your home regularly inspected for termites is another effective way to prevent these pests from causing major problems. This helps ensure that you have the protection you need from having a serious termite infestation in your home.

If you need help for a termite problem, contact Island Pest Control today. Our Hilton Head area exterminators can inspect your property and provide you with termite control services as needed. This helps protect your home from severe damage from these pests.