Termites are known for causing a lot of damage to wood in homes, but they’re not the only ones that can do so. Carpenter ants can also destroy wooden beams and other structures in homes, leading to expensive repairs and potentially unsafe living conditions. Homeowners who have these pests need prompt assistance from a reliable carpenter ant exterminator to get them under control.

What They Look Like

Carpenter ants range in color from a dark brown to black, and they’re typically a quarter inch to a half inch long. Winged carpenter ants are usually a bit longer, measuring in at 3/4 of an inch in length. Homeowners who have a carpenter ant infestation will normally see wingless ants in their home.

What They Do

Carpenter ants are usually inactive during winter, unless they find somewhere warm to stay. If these pests get into your home, you might see them around during the winter months. Winged carpenter ants usually come out of their colonies in spring or early summer when it’s warm out. Homeowners will often see foraging members of carpenter ant colonies as they go about looking for food. Following these ants can help you find out where their nest is.

How to Prevent Them

You can lower your risk of having to call a carpenter ant exterminator by taking steps to prevent these pests from getting inside. This involves keeping logs, firewood and other wood away from your home, getting rid of moist or water-damaged wood and sealing exterior wood surfaces. Trees and other vegetation should also be kept away from your home’s exterior, since carpenter ants can get into houses this way.

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