Termites Aren't the Only Insects that Eat Wood - Meet the Powder Post Beetle
Termites Aren’t the Only Insects that Eat Wood – Meet the Powder Post Beetle

Termites aren’t the only wood-destroying bugs you have to worry about in SC. Powder post beetles can also cause significant damage to your home thanks to their voracious larvae. Learning more about these bugs, such as what they look like, will help ensure that you get prompt powder post beetle control for your home when you need it.

Powder Post Beetle Appearance

These beetles have different appearances based on species. This term is actually used for several species of bugs that destroy wood and turn it into a powder-like substance. In general, these beetles are between one-eighth and three-quarters of an inch long.

Wood-Destroying Behavior

Adult powder post beetles typically lay eggs in unfinished wood, but they’re not the ones that cause problems with wood. Instead, their larvae are the ones that do the damage by boring through wood while feeding. As they grow into adults, these bugs leave behind tiny, rounded holes in wood as they chew their way through to exit. Keep in mind that some species only destroy certain types of woods, such as hardwoods or softwoods, while others will only chew through wood that is less than five years old.

Powder Post Beetle Treatment

If you notice any evidence of powder post beetles in your home, it’s important to get insect control services as soon as possible. Finding these pests early helps lower your risk of having serious damage to hardwood floors, wood paneling, baseboards and other wood structures in your home.

Powder post beetle control involves taking steps to prevent infestations, such as controlling moisture, replacing infested wood and treating affected areas with insecticides. Island Pest Control can help you eliminate a problem with these beetles before they’re able to cause more serious wood damage.

If you have a problem with these beetles in your home, please contact Island Pest Control. We offer effective powder post beetle control in the Hilton Head area.