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Get Rid of Termites with Sentricon

At Island Pest Control, one of the ways we provide termite control is with the Sentricon Colony Elimination System. Sentricon begins protecting your home the moment your State Licensed and Sentricon Certified Island Pest Control technician installs it. It not only eliminates termites that are present but also eliminates colonies that attempt to attack later. This around-the-clock protection has been proven for nearly two decades in all areas of the United States and against all species of subterranean termites that attack and damage homes. sentricon house

Did You Know?

Sentricon protects the White House, Statue of Liberty, the Alamo, and Independence Hall. Plus, scientists believe the levy breach during Katrina was helped by Formosan Termites because cellulose material was used as the binding agent in the joints, and when inspected, they found 75 percent of joints had been compromised by Formosan Termites.

Know Your Enemy

Learn how termites attack and how the Sentricon® System kills the queen, her colony, and your termite worries. By going underground where termites live you can begin to understand what termites want — to eat all day and all night. This video shows how the Sentricon System works and talks about the differences between Sentricon and liquid treatments.

As you can see, though termites have an important role in nature, they can cause quite the headache. For someone who would rather not deal with termites, having to decide what kind of treatment is best in order to effectively get rid of termites can be daunting. However, with Sentricon, you no longer have choose between liquid or bait terminate elimination techniques. Sentricon uses a scientifically proven method to take advantage of preexisting termite habits in order to stop the problem and prevent future termite issues.

The Sentricon System Story

See The Sentricon Story Come Alive – One Line At A Time

Termites are so small (they only need 1/32″ of space to maneuver into) that it might be easy to ignore the damage they could cause to your home or business. However, ignoring them is exactly what will enable their damaging behaviors, leaving you with a serious problem down the line. That is why it is best to get rid of termites and prepare for any future infestation as soon as possible. The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is the best way to go about getting rid of your termite problems once and for all.

Dead Termites Don’t Pose a Threat

All of these homeowners chose the Sentricon System to eliminate their termite problem for good. And all of them enjoy peace of mind knowing their property is protected 24/7/365 with consumers’ No. 1 brand of termite protection.
One of the most important benefits of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is that, once installed, there is nothing more you have to worry about. A representative from Island Pest Control will inspect your system frequently to ensure that it is working properly. We will keep you up to date on the status of the termite situation at your home or business. All you have to do is say the word – once we install the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your termite problems are gone for good.

Termites Have the Power to Affect Everyone

Though you may not know anyone who has had to get rid of termites, that does not mean that your area is not at risk. Unfortunately, termites are found spread throughout the continental United States. Without some form of termite control, there can be no guarantee that you are safe from termite damage. To maintain your peace of mind and protect your home or business from current or future damage, consider reaching out to Island Pest Control today. Our representatives will be happy to assist you with whatever level of needs regarding termites you may have. We are confident in the effectiveness of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, as are our customers. We all have enough to worry about in our daily lives – let Island Pest Control take getting rid of termites off of your to-do list.


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