More on the Topic: Fire Ants to Hate - There Are Two Types of Fire Ants
More on the Topic: Fire Ants to Hate – There Are Two Types of Fire Ants

If you find fire ants in your home, it’s certainly a time to panic. These insects can be such pests, and when they sting they can cause a lot of pain. If you’re in need of a fire ant exterminator, don’t hesitate to contact Island Pest Control right away. First, let’s learn a little bit more about fire ants.

Two Types of Fire Ants

There are two types of fire ants that are native to Florida. They’re called the Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA) and the Tropical or Native Fire Ant. Sometimes people travel to Florida and they unknowingly bring these ants back home with them. They can quickly establish colonies in your home and an infestation will result.

So, how do you go about fire ant treatment? First you need to know what type you’re dealing with. The easiest way to tell is by looking at their heads. The RIFA have heads that are proportional to their bodies. The heads of Tropical Fire Ants are much bigger and square-shaped.

Damage from Fire Ants

Fire ants are capable of stinging and biting. However, it is the sting that causes the most damage and pain. Approximately one day after a fire ant sting, pain and a white pustule will appear at the site. The pain may be fairly localized, but occasionally, it can become much worse. Some fire ant stings can result in anaphylactic shock if an individual has an allergic reaction to them. Some individuals experience multiple fire ant stings at once and, as you can imagine, the pain from them is quite severe.

Where are Fire Ants Found?

Fire ants aren’t picky about where they make their nests. They can be found under concrete, under driveways and patios and even inside electrical boxes.

If you have a problem with these pests, a fire ant exterminator is your best option for help. Contact us at Island Pest Control right away.