Ants are usually more of a nuisance when it comes to ruining food, but fire ants are an exception. These invasive ants go after people who disturb their nests rather than going after food. Since they attack in large numbers, you can end up with several bites in a very short amount of time. Find out more about these ants and why you might need Hilton Head fire ant control service.

Identifying Fire Ants

How can you tell if the ants you see crawling around your yard are fire ants? These ants have a reddish-brown or reddish-black coloring, as well as a stinger. Their abdomen tends to be darker than the rest of their body. Some fire ants grow to be up to a quarter-inch long, while others are only 1/16th of an inch long.

Finding Fire Ant Nests

Fire ants don’t usually build ant hills with a noticeable hole or entry in them. Instead, they dig around underground, creating mounds with no visible openings. These mounds form as the ants push up dirt while making tunnels. In some cases, tunnels and nests are farther underground with no mound showing on the surface. This is why it’s important to have professionals provide Hilton Head fire ant control service done. Professional fire ant control experts know how to locate fire ant nests.

Life Cycle of Fire Ants

Fire ants can form colonies with a single queen or multiple queens. Those that have multiple queens can end up having hundreds of mounds and millions of ants within a colony. The queens lay eggs while wingless female worker ants look for food and raise the young.

Other colony members include winged female and male reproductive ants, which might eventually form new colonies. From spring through fall, these ants emerge from the nest and mate in mid-air. The males die off while the females become queens and build nests for their eggs.

Fire Ant Diet

What do fire ants live on? These ants mainly feed on plants and tiny organisms, although their diet also includes invertebrates, mammals, birds and reptiles. The worker ants that forage for food bring it back to the colony, so that it can be distributed. Unlike sugar ants, you’re unlikely to see them in your home searching for food.

Fire Ant Problems

Fire ants can quickly destroy yards by building large or extensive mounds. In addition to property damage, these ants are also a threat to humans and pets. Fire ants come out of their nest in large numbers in order to attack anyone that disturbs their colony.

Their stings and bites can leave itchy, red welts behind. Those who are allergic to their venom might need prompt medical care if a reaction occurs, especially if they have several bites. Even if you’re not allergic, these ants can still be a big problem since they swarm while attacking.

Fire Ant Control

Hilton Head fire ant control service is the most effective way to deal with infestations in your yard. Trying to handle infestations on your own means that you’re taking the risk of being attacked by these ants when you get close to their nest. You might also have trouble locating the nest if it’s deep in the ground.

Professional pest control experts have the knowledge needed to find these nests and ensure that the queen and the rest of the colony is eliminated through the use of bait or other types of treatment. This helps prevent these ants from becoming a problem for you and your family again.

If fire ants have invaded your yard, contact Island Pest Control for Hilton Head fire ant control service. Our trained technicians can quickly identify fire ant nests and take steps to get rid of them. We can also find and eliminate any other pests that are on your property.