Got Termites? We Can Help.
Got Termites? We Can Help.

Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare, and they cause a great deal of damage. In fact, according to the USDA, the Formosan termite causes about $1 billion worth of damage every year in repairs, property damages and termite control treatment. It can be difficult to spot these termites before significant damage has been done, which is why Bluffton, SC termite treatment is so important. Even so, being proactive about treating your home can significantly reduce the risk of an infestation.

Research is Underway

Termites are difficult pests to handle, and chemicals are no longer found to be as effective as they once were. Integrated pest management is currently being studied as a way to increase the effectiveness that pest control companies can have against these nuisances. This involves studying their:

Commercial baits might also be very useful in combating the termite problem. These baits are able to be used outside properties, and the product is carried back to the other termites. As a result, it’s possible to kill large numbers of them at once.

Taking immediate action against Formosan termites is critical. These pests are hardy, strong, and can survive even under the direst of circumstances.

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If you have concerns about termites on your property, then it’s very important for you to take immediate action. These pests can do a large amount of damage in a short period of time, and they are good at going undetected.

If you’re in need of termite control, and if integrated pest management is something you’d like to know more about, please contact us!