Have you heard of velvet ants? These “ants” aren’t really ants at all. They’re wasps, and you don’t want to come across them in your home or on your property. If you do see one of these pests, South Carolina wasp control is your best bet to take care of the situation quickly and safely.

What Do Velvet Ants Look Like?

Velvet ants can be between half an inch to one inch long. Their length and their colors are enough to make anyone take a step back. They can be black and red, yellow or orange. Their bright color scheme is supposed to serve as a warning to would be predators. Velvet ants are also covered with a soft fur, which is where their name comes from. The females are wingless and crawl on the ground, while the males have wings and are able to fly.

Are Velvet Ants Dangerous?

Velvet ants aren’t exactly dangerous but the females are able to sting you. Fortunately, there won’t be any long-term damage done from a sting, but it is very painful. Some even say it may hurt more than stings from other insects, including wasps. The velvet ant will give off a high-pitched sound when it is disturbed and just before it stings. That’s a warning to stay away.

Choosing South Carolina Wasp Control to Assist With a Velvet Ant Problem

Most pest experts agree that the best way to handle velvet ants is to just stay away from them. However, if you have a serious problem on your property or in your home, that might not be an option for you. At Island Pest Control, we offer South Carolina wasp control that can put your mind at ease. If need be, we know how to eradicate velvet ants so they are no longer a problem in your home.

Have you come across velvet ants on your property? Contact us today!