A raccoon wandering around your area might seem cute, but you don’t want an entire family of them sharing your home. Raccoons can invade SC homes and cause a lot of trouble, especially when they produce young. Find out more about why you might need Hilton Head raccoon removal if you have these critters in your home.

Raccoon Range

Raccoons are known to live in parts of SC, particularly along the coast. They’re not as common farther inland. This means you have a good chance of seeing raccoons in the Hilton Head area. Raccoons tend to live near aquatic areas, including marshes, streams and swamps. They look for areas that offer them plenty of food, as well as shelter, such as wooded areas.

Raccoon Identification

Raccoons are easy to identify thanks to their distinctive features. These mammals have a black pattern on their face that resembles a mask. They also have black and gray rings on their long, fluffy tail. Adult raccoons can weigh up to 12 pounds and measure up to 10 inches high at the shoulder.

Raccoon Reproduction

Raccoons typically reproduce during winter in January and February. Female raccoons spend roughly 63 days pregnant and give birth to up to four babies at a time. After babies are born, they remain in the den with their mother for a few months. When it’s safe for them to leave the den, they go with their mother to learn different activities. Young raccoons learn where to look for food and water and how to avoid predators. During late fall, the young raccoons end up going off on their own.

Raccoon Problems 

Raccoons look for sheltered areas to establish a den, which helps protect their young once they’re born. In some cases, these critters find their way into attics, walls and other indoor spaces. If they decide to settle in, they can cause a number of problems for homeowners. Raccoons can damage your home, leave urine and feces around and put you, your family and your pets at risk of diseases. These animals can get rabies, distemper and other diseases.

When raccoons are on your property, they can also cause damage outdoors. They dig up gardens and paw through trash in order to look for sources of food. Keep in mind that raccoons can also establish dens outdoors, such as under your porch or inside sheds and garages. You’ll need help from Hilton Head raccoon removal experts to safely get rid of these animals.

Raccoon Control

If you have seen raccoons near your home or on it, you might have a problem with them finding their way inside. If they’re already in your home, you might hear noises they make, such as scratching inside walls or in your attic. What should you do if you think you have raccoons in your home or on your property? You should avoid handling these critters on your own. Raccoons have sharp claws and can scratch or bite when they’re cornered or when they feel threatened. This puts you in danger of diseases and infections.

Instead of trying to get rid of raccoons on your own, have professional Hilton Head raccoon removal professionals handle them. These experts know how to safely deal with raccoon families that are inside homes or in yards. They have the right experience and the skills to remove these animals without putting anyone at risk of getting hurt. Professionals can also provide you with tips on keeping raccoons out of your home, such as sealing up potential points of entry and keeping garbage in cans that raccoons can’t easily get into.


If raccoons have made their home in your attic or walls, contact Island Pest Control. We offer safe, high-quality Hilton Head raccoon removal for homeowners.